This I Believe

Hilda - Northlake, Illinois
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that accepting from your mistakes and learining helps you succeed, but denying it and denying blaming it on someone else makes you a failure. I learned this lesson when I was younger. Growing up with it has made me realize all the mistakes I’ve made, and I have to watch out for them. Accepting my mistakes makes me a better person both inside and out.

I have dealt with this kind of problem before. One of the hugest mistakes I’ve ever made was telling someone something vague. I remember when I was going to Mexico this last summer with my family. My uncle made a mistake that emtionally hurt everyone and denied it and blamed it all on me. He hasn’t accomplished nothing really good other than getting a decent job.

In my years in life I have made friends with people that hung out with the wrong crowd. They have made a huge mistake and paid the price for it with their own lives. For them, learning their lesson was too late. I have made plenty mistakes, but those never stopped me from continuing on with my life and enjoying it while it lasts. One mistake I regret was breaking a promise to myself and my mother. I physically hurt my younger sister, my father, my mother, my younger brother, and my older sister. I hurt them to take my anger out on them instead of calming myself down and talking it over with them. I am learning to calm myself down and not take my anger out on anyone else. It is not their fault and I can’t get angry at them. Being able to control my anger is helping me accomplish something in life. It helps me become a better person. I thought making mistakes was embarrassing, but now I realized that making mistakes is what everybody does to get better.

One of the mistakes I have made is one that I can never forgive myself for. This event plays over and over in my head still today.