This I Believe

James - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in being well rounded.

Trying new things is what shapes our lives. We all experience different things and this is what makes us all different.

Not every likes the same things. But I believe it is important to try new things. You will never know what things you like until you try them. Once you have tried these things and you still do not like them then you do not have to do them again. But I believe that if you truly try a lot of new things with a goal to become well rounded that you will find your self liking most of the things you try.

Step outside your box! I believe that you should expand your box. It should have no boundaries. Every year my church as what they call a “Youth Olympics.” During youth Olympics our church leaders put together all sorts of different types of activities. They have different types of sporting events, a speech competition, and even a cooking competition along with many other events that show every youths special abilities. My church leaders have a motto every year. This motto is “Every youth, every event.” Even if they know a certain person has no chance at placing in a bike race or a youth who is afraid of being on stage they encourage them to try every thing. Quite often the youth discover abilities that they didn’t know that they had before.

These new experiences will also shape you to become a better well rounded person. Well rounded people are very nice to have around. They can help you with many things instead of just a few. Employers especially like to hire a well rounded person. They look for many things such as abilities, creativity, and ethics. So to be able to have all of these things you must try many things and gain from them.

I can be as simple as trying new food. I was always scared to try wasabi (A very hot Chinese spice), but I had finally tried it and it was not that bad. It takes courage to do things that you are not comfortable. So start small and build up from there. Just try talking to people you normally wouldn’t talk too. You might actually find out that you enjoy their company. It’s the small little steps that will help you reach the final goal of a well rounded person.