This I Believe

Jeff - Danville, Indiana
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe President Bush is a brave, honest, courageous, God fearing man who loves his country. I believe that history will show that because of this brave President of the United States of America that his country, the middle east and the world began to take a turn for the better. I believe the media unfairly portrays him and that their inaccuracies and lies stem from disagreement and hatred. I believe that so many in our country are soft, wimpy and immoral and do not understand the values, morals and strength that are the foundation of what made our country great and that they have not a clue of what we have to do to make our country great again. I believe that the liberal politicians, the biased media, the ACLU and Hollywood are the leaders of these poor brainwashed lost sheep who lack the values, morals and strength of great Americans. I believe NPR will not have the courage to read this essay on the air because they know that it is the truth and that they are guilty of being part of the problem.