This I Believe

Nathan - Atlantic Beach, Florida
Entered on January 15, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that I live in a nation where each and every American has the right to be heard. In a free society I believe that the collective voice of citizens should be respected by their representative leaders. Due to a respect for authority and a desire to preserve order within our political system, we may be allowing the President of the United States to undermine order all of the world. I fear that ten years from now we may look back on this time and say to ourselves, “How could we have allowed one man free reign to direct our country’s resources to such destructive ends? How, in a free country, could the will of one be so powerful against the will of the majority?” It seems to me that in the name of protecting liberty, the nation’s leaders are tuning out the collective voice of the electorate. The way in which Americans have always defended and expanded their rights has been through collective action. Working together for the preservation of liberty for all is the hallmark of American democracy. No one, including the President of the United States, should have the right to exercise his will against the will of the overwhelming majority. History has shown that when political leaders have exercised their judgment against the will of the majority, the majority have usually suffered. In my view, it is time for Americans to stop seeing themselves as merely consumers, and to once again exercise their rights as citizens. Would this not prove to be the best example of democracy in action that we could show to the Iraqi’s? This I believe.