This I Believe

Henry - Aliso Viejo, California
Entered on January 13, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This Is What I Believe

My beliefs are just beliefs, not necessarily truths.

Everyone will find the truth when they die.

Power has a tendency to corrupt the holder.

Balance of power between factions is a viable solution to the corruption problem.

Training in ethical thinking and action is essential to the progress of civilization.

There is no inherent conflict between religion and science.

Learning more about creation just brings us closer to God.

Organized religion introduces the problem of the Business of Religion.

The Business of Religion lies behind many catastrophic events in history.

Organized Religion is not essential to a belief in God.

Learning is an essential element of progress towards a more civilized state.

Everyone benefits when everyone enjoys a good quality of life.

A healthy environment is essential to a good quality of life.

Everyone is given the opportunity to make choices every day of their lives.

If there is an after life based on rewards, the choices one makes will count.

If there is no after life, the choices one makes will still count.

The choices are to do the right thing or not to care.

It is as easy as that and the rewards in this life and perhaps the next are amazing.