This I Believe

Donald - Cornville, Maine
Entered on January 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

Respect to Your Elders

After eighteen years of watching friends and peers interact with parents and their elders, I have learned that some kids have absolutely no respect for their elders. Also I have learned that giving adults, not related to you, little or no respect at all is a bad idea. My reasoning for this is because word spreads about you fast. And when parents hear about you giving your elders the respect they deserve the parents in your community will be more apt to let you spend time with their son or daughter or let you come over and hang out in their house.

I believe in giving adults all the respect one person can give. I have seen a kid flat out tell his mother no, when she asked him to help move a picnic table. So rather than put up with his mouth his mother asked me to do it and of course I said yes. Not because I wanted to or because I felt I had to, I did it because it shows respect to her as a person. And all night everyone talked about how respectful I was and that I had done the right by saying I would do it and showing an adult that I barely knew my respect just because.

Respect to some people is something that they think they deserve for just being a human being. On the other hand you have the people that believe that a person must earn someone’s respect and that’s how they live their lives, earning their respect from everyone. I think that respect is both of those things but put into age groups. Your peers and kids younger than you must earn your respect. But when you meet a person that is considered your elder you must give 100 percent of your respect to that person. I believe in giving respect to my elders because they are older than I am; therefore, they know more than I do and that alone makes them deserving of my respect right off the bat. I know this because I took a year in an automotive program, and in order to learn how to do things the right way you have to able to learn from the teachers and giving them respect shows them that your there to learn and not just because its an easy class or a good way to get some high school credits.

So there it is, my belief in life, you must give your elders your respect. Elders are people to learn from, they were here before me so they know a lot more about life. So the next time an elder reaches out a hand out to you don’t look at this person like he/she is crazy. Take the hand and shake it and show this person that they have your respect by looking that elder in the eyes and introduce yourself.