This I Believe

Stefanie - Skowhegan, Maine
Entered on January 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

When I first found out I would be writing about something I believe in I sat wondering what that was exactly. I looked to other essays for inspiration, and I could make no concrete decisions about what my belief is. Then my sister came into the room and asked what I was doing. I told her and she said, “ Well, I can think of a lot of things that you believe in.” In an instant I knew what it was that I would write my essay about: I believe in sisterhood.

The relationship between sisters is sacred and should be cherished, but if any of you have a little sister then you can relate to my sometimes irritated attitude. She always wants to be with my friends and me, wants to wear and stain all of my clothes, and wants everything that I have. There was a time when my belief automatically made it her belief; but now that we are teenagers we have both developed our own, and often different, opinions. Despite our dissimilar personalities, talents, and interests we both have a grander thing in common: something that our mother taught us when we were small, and that was to always love each other because we are all we have.

My sister and I have always tried to remain true to my mother’s wishes and be there to comfort, love, and support each other. My bed was always big enough for both of us when she had nightmares, my words of encouragement are always there before auditions, and my schedule is always free when she has a concert. And likewise, she is always there to tell me if my outfit matches, to talk me through a rough time, or to give me her profound artistic advice. My sister will always be my best friend.

And still I share other sisterhoods with girls with whom I share no genetic traits. These relationships started while sitting on bus thirteen in third grade or while learning how to dribble a basketball. With them, long conversations, dog-walking dates, and girls’ nights are not out of the ordinary; and I always know that my quirky and sometimes opinionated remarks will not be scrutinized. Even though the same blood does not run through our veins I know that I share a special bond with theses sisters.

Whether related by blood or not, the girls that are part of my sisterhood are most importantly unfaltering; and they are accepting of me, as I am of them. In the sisterhoods that I share we have grown together, experienced hardship and loss together, and I know that together we will endure much more. I believe in sisterhood because the real world can be a cruel and intolerable place, and that these sisters will always love and support me.