This I Believe

Sofia - Centreville, Virginia
Entered on January 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, purpose

Since I was little I believe in dreams. Dreams are a big part of my life. They shaped my life and made it different.

When I was little I had two idols. One was my dad and the other one my mom. They had what I wanted to be in life. My mom was an athlete and good student. My dad was an honor student, first on his class and an excellent athlete who won many gold medals. I looked up to them. I had a dream; I wanted to be an excellent student and athlete.

I joined many sport clubs, I was physically active and I also kept my grades up. I was following my dream. I wanted everybody to be like that, to have dreams and follow them. My friends had also dreams but it seemed like they would never come true.

My best friend Fernanda dreamed about becoming a social worker so she can help people like her. She came from a broken home. Her dad left home when she was 6 years old and never came back. Her mom was an alcoholic and brought different guys every night. She was going to a public school and had good grades, but going to college seemed almost difficult. She got support from a private institution after her mom was arrested for the last time and was sentenced to jail time. She fulfilled her dream; she is going to college and studying hard to become a social worker. In the future she will be helping people like her who live in poverty and broken homes.

My friend’s life touched my heart and I hope touches everybody’s heart. Dreaming is one of the most beautiful things on earth. Dreaming involves hope, hope that something might change or might happen. Dreaming makes people work hard for something and make them improve.

That’s why I will never give up, I always follow my dreams. I set goals in my life and follow them. Many people might think I am crazy or that I would never accomplish my goals. That is not true, if I set a dream in my mind and follow it, I might find it. I might fulfill my dreams and impress the people who did not believe in me. This is what is making me stronger and the happiest person. Dream and never stop dreaming.