This I Believe

Tyler - Skowhegan, Maine
Entered on January 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the way the schools handle problems are about as good as snow in the desert. First off it takes about three days for things to actually get into the system and by that time you should have already had a meeting. Also the administrators don’t care either way on what happens just as long as they get their pay- checks at the end of the week. That is a sad song when the high- ranking people don’t even care about the people under them!

During a bomb scare, I had my pops bring me lunch and it just so happened to be a pizza. When I strolled into the gym with my pizza and set it down on the floor to begin to eat, a couple teachers from the English Department bolted over to where I was positioned. Those teachers then proceeded to tell me that I could not eat my pizza and then the female teacher slammed the box on one of my friend’s hands. When I responded back to the teachers by saying “This is my pizza and there is no way that your taking it from me” the male teacher thought he was going to get all tough with me by firing back “Well you can either give me that pizza or you can leave.” Well I didn’t like his tone of voice so I got angry and told him in censored words “Fine then, I’m leaving.” Then on my way out with my pizza the Assistant Principal intercepted me.

“The higher powers always think that they can control every aspect of what goes on.” I wasn’t letting that happen. I fought the system and I won. That just goes to show how poorly it (justice system in school) is done. I think it is funny how someone who has made an infraction to the “law” can fly under the radar for such a period of time that the story could have changed and the emotions could have as well. It is depressing to think how bad it really it. The people who do have to make all the executive decisions should be ashamed of themselves.Simply put!