This I Believe

Chantelle - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone is faced with a plethora of trials and tribulations they must overcome. Although I have only acquired 17 years, I have been faced with my own ordeals and have grown from each experience. I believe in simplicity and beauty. Most of my life I have been overcome with grief that everything is amazingly difficult. Until recently, I believed that life was ridden with puzzles that were meant to be figured out, everything seemed complicated. I have come to realize that depending on one’s interpretation of life, enigmas can be quite simple.

Everything in the world is based on the same thing. Atoms which create solid beings that then create forms of life and structure. When it comes down to it, everything in life has a simplistic nature to it. Our world and the people in it have become so absorbed in their day to day lives that anything out of the ordinary seems like a vast predicament even if it is something as simple as a flat tire.

On a daily basis, people are faced with challenges. But the real challenge seems to be how to get through it without making it a complicated mess. If you think about how simple the problems really are, you will realize that the conundrums are simply an illusion to barricade the truth.

With simplicity also comes Beauty. There is beauty in all the world; in the trees, water, animals, rivers, and man made edifices as well. Simplicity and Beauty go hand in hand; if you see the beauty in something that would normally seem unsightly you will realize the simplicity of it. I’ve learned this concept from my parents, who make life incredibly difficult not only on themselves but on everyone around them. When anything went wrong they would cower and hide from the world. Instead of following in their footsteps I decided to embrace my dilemmas head on and see the beauty and simplicity in them rather than the difficult and endless tribulations. I wanted to gain the audacity to overcome things rather than hide from them.