This I Believe

Nina - Pflugerville, Texas
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe one day, I will make a difference. I know the poverty levels, the hundreds of 3rd world countries, and the corrupt governments they are run by. I know the many types of people who aid them, the different organizations that fund them, and the multiple amounts of money that has been used their.

I believe that one day I will make a difference on those who have no hope, who have no faith, who have nothing. I will bring them security, shelter and comfort ness, there by giving them hope, faith, and something.

I believe no human should feel alone in the world. No man should feel incline to have no help gathering food for his family and sheltering them as well. No woman should feel incline to be the only source of clothing and medical care for her children. No child should feel like death is a better choice than living at the age of 10.

I believe I can make a difference in the way they live. Because I have lived in a country where water wasn’t at my reach, my health wasn’t always taken care of, and my environment was difficult to live in, I know what they need.

My I believe may be cliché, my I believe may be general, and it may be boring, but it is important to me. It allows me to let others know that I am aware of the troubles in the world, and that I can make a change. I think having an emotional connection to those who have nothing is enough to help others.

I believe we as humans are here to help others when they can’t help themselves. I feel like we don’t do enough because we have so much pride and not enough heart for it. We are also too greedy with our money, time, and talents; and because of this millions and millions of people are dieing from simple things like hunger, thirst, and health.

I believe and know I can make a difference. I have the drive, the knowledge, and the heart for it. But I know I can’t do it alone. I believe we can and we will.