This I Believe

Weston - Hickory, North Carolina
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: citizenship

There are laws that are created in the United States that directly affect teenagers to which we have no say whether we want the law or not. I am sick of having to put up with decisions made by people who will not be affected by these laws. One of the laws that was passed that teenagers have to follow is No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind is a law that was passed by George Bush stating that funding will be given to schools based on the school’s test scores and their dropout rates. Unfortunately, greed has extended its reach to the school system. They are now manipulating test scores and leaving out minority’s test scores which takes advantage of the law. This makes the scores seem higher letting the school receive more money from the government. The schools also change the dropout rates so that they will not be penalized by the government. The funds that are received by the schools that do have good test scores are not very much. They don’t really help out very much. In my chemistry class at school, we are limited to what we can do because our school does not have the funds to be able to pay for some chemicals and therefore we don’t get a hands on learning experience. In my opinion, the teachers get under paid. They have a very difficult job and do not receive the money that they have earned.

This law also states that the students future in the school system will be based mostly on the end of the year test results. Some students do not do well on tests and are therefore not able to be looked upon as a gifted student by the school and government whether they are or not. This is because without good test results no money is to be given to the schools. This puts pressure on schools to put pressure on the students. It is completely unfair how for the past four or five years the students in the elementary, middle and high schools have had to obey these laws that adults created. I am tired of not having a say. I am tired of being forced to obey.