This I Believe

Jessica - madison, Maine
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I believe in water like fishermen believe in bait. Without, it would be like a hunter without a weapon. You need water to survive. It’s an everyday use for many people or simply mechanical devices that require it. Water has a neat crystal look to it and an often cooling sensation. I can remember “on a summer night I was camping, took a look at the lake and next thing you new I was swimming in the water. Boy did that make me feel refreshed, like a mermaid I swam nice and smooth. It was so calm that I saw my reflection while standing out.”

Water could ivolve getting people in shape. Water Aerobics carries a big part of that for many obese people. Doing exercises or even playing games in the water can make someone loose lots of calories and fats. Water aerobics are normally held at places known like “Peek Rehab”. Peek Rehab does not only do water aerobics for los of weight but also for people that are needed to get back to the way they were before a surgery or something big that happened.

Water can also send joy to somebody’s mind. For Example: When coming home from work many people jump right into the shower, to relieve the stress, or playing sports can make it so someone’s dehydrated; when they drink water it really makes it that much better for them.

As you can see water really plays a big part in our environment. Without it trees, creatures’, humans and many of other things wouldn’t be able to survive long. Could you imagine NO trees? That would mean no paper or oxygen! If that happened then no one would be here. It would be simple land with nothing.

There would be no life without water. “I believe in H2O.”