This I Believe

Sarah - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Make Your Voice Be Heard

There are so many people that are in the world. In one conversation, there are so many topics that come in. Many of those people just listen and they don’t get into the discussion. Personally, I am a person who doesn’t like to stand around and see people get into trouble when they don’t say anything. My complaint is that we need to speak in what we truly believe in and make our voice be heard. There are many things we have to say about many subjects, but it seems that no one seems to take us seriously. For example, you and I are sitting in an auditorium and listening to a speaker talking about the world around us. You turn and look around in the room. You notice that everyone is tired of the speaker talking, including me. You and I make a decision. I tell you it is the time to stand up and tell the speaker how you really feel about the world around us. The speaker will be offended, but then he/she notices that everyone is standing up and agreeing with your statement. This is what everyone in the world should notice. One person’s opinion, with the help of others around us, changes a whole situation to something else.

My mom is someone who doesn’t just sit on her laurels and wait for something to really happen. She seems to have a word about something that some certain person has to say. I admire her for that. I look up to her for speaking out, because of so many reasons. One reason is that people will know that you exist. All the workers seem to be more concentrated on their work than anything else. Another reason is that people will love or hate what your input is. A lot of people are taking more initiative in hearing what other people are talking about. It seems that dozens of conversations are being talked about. Most are about the same thing. If you listen very closely, a statement just said could be about the discussion you had just a few minutes ago. There are so many countless subjects to discuss, but there are many angles to them as well.

Here is a major question that I keep asking myself all the time. Could our statements or opinions change the world we live in and the future ahead of us? I think that is true. Our actions in the world today are changing what is around us. I know that people are afraid to express what they really feel. I was once one of them. Time has past, and many of us that express how we see things now. This is what I believe in, and people should really take the time and just tell how they feel. We need to make our voices heard, or else we would be in the dark.