This I Believe

Amanda - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Faith: The Foundation of Freedom

I’m tired of people acting like they know what they’re talking about. They say that Christianity is impossible or that God should be taken out of our schools, our government, even our pledge of allegiance. They say Christianity is a bunch of crap. Well, I believe in this little thing called faith.

People throw down the possibility of there really being a God because they say there is a lack of evidence. Well, I say, again, there is this little thing called faith. Faith is where you can believe what you believe, without a load of physical evidence. And people say there’s no evidence, nothing to prove that there truly is a God, but here’s a news flash for you, THERE IS. Have you ever stopped to think about how the earth came to be, and how we humans ended up on earth? How did this galaxy get formed the way it is? Why is everything how it is? Well, God holds these answers in his hands. He created everything, and He has a plan. And I am just SO tired of people shooting God down, acting like they know everything because THEY DON’T!

When our country was first formed, it was formed by people who believed the main Christian belief; the belief that God created the world and God created people through Adam and Eve, and that Jesus was God in man form who died for our sins. That belief was meant to be the foundation of the United States of America. That belief is the reason we are free. Have you ever stopped to notice that there are a lot of unstable countries out there in the Middle East? Do you wonder why? Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because they don’t have the right belief. They don’t believe what is right. And they’re even killing off anyone who DOES believe it! And I’m not trying to shove this down anyone’s throat, but it’s true! Many countries don’t have a stable foundation like we do, but even now, our “stable” foundation is being destroyed. It’s falling fast. People just don’t believe it anymore. It’s being taken OUT of our government. Which just isn’t right. Like I said, it’s supposed to be the FOUNDATION of our country. And, anyone who knows the slightest thing about buildings and foundations knows that without a strong foundation, or when the foundation is taken from underneath a structure, it falls. It crumbles and it falls. That’s what is happening to our country, and it’s going to keep happening until we can fix this. Until we can regain what is lost. Faith is the foundation, without it, without God, we are nothing. This, I believe.