This I Believe

Missy - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

No Day but Today

I believe in music. I believe that my life is like a song, with God being the composer and my life following the melody he wrote for me.

I believe that life is like many different parts of music, or different ways of showing music. Sometimes my life may seem like a musical, with everyone bursting into song or learning a lesson through music. I’ve tried to live my life with a philosophy I learned from a musical that I hold close to my heart, no day but today. Music can show us how to live our lives, and so can musicals. My philosophy, my motto, is always in the back of my mind, telling me to live my life, showing me how my life relates to the music that I found this saying in and other music as well.

I believe that sometimes my life follows a different path than what I expected and I differ from the pattern my life has become, like when a song splits into a sudden three-part harmony. I believe that my life has ups and downs, crescendos and decrescendos.

I believe that my life has lyrics, and while everyone’s lyrics are different, I occasionally have to borrow a line or two from someone else. Some parts of my life are just phrases, short sentences in my life that I would be incomplete without.

I believe that sometimes in my life I am playing in a trio, helping only a few people, while other times I am in a symphony or a choir, where everyone must work together. Sometimes my life goes in directions I’m not sure of, but I know I’m still sure of my lyrics. It’s like I’m singing my song with a vibrato, which changes the way I sound but not the words that I’m saying.

I believe that the different parts of my life are like the different genres of music. Some parts of my life might sound like country, while others sound like hip-hop or rock and roll. I believe that parts of my life have already been written, but others have yet to be composed.

I believe that sometimes in my life I sing my song forte, at other times I sing it piano. At times I am singing my song as a soprano, while other times I am singing as an alto, or a mezzo soprano. Sometimes my song is being played in the bass clef on the piano, and others it is being played in the treble clef. Sometimes I am singing the song of my life in major, while other times I am singing the song of my life in minor. I continuously sing my song differently, yet the melody doesn’t change and neither do the lyrics. My life is still the same, although I act differently during different parts of it, as I sing my song during different sections of it.

My life is like a song in so many ways, in this I believe.