This I Believe

Cuong - austin, Texas
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

We live in a world where our lives are dependent upon technologies. From the day, we are born and to the day we die, we seek conveniences through our daily lives through things such as cars, computers, T.V, cell phone and even small thing such as a pencil sharpener. We even use technologies to extend our lives when we are old. Personally, I don’t think all these technologies around us are bad, in fact, I think life is more enjoyable now with all these entertainment compare to back in the centuries. I also have nothing against old people who use technologies to extend their life of suffering, except that I think they are wasting their money and should just drop dead and give the money to the people who really need it.

I think that we, the human race have taken a big leap in advancement of technologies over the decades. However, I believe that science has cross over the line when parents want their offspring to be genetically engineer. To be a religious fanatic is one thing but to act as god is another.

Wars had occurs throughout history and many of those wars has been issue over who is the better race, who is the inferior race, the suppression of the weak or the poor. Trivial issue of who is better has caused millions of deaths throughout history. Through out history, many countries have rebellion of the poor against its’ government or against the rich because they’re being look down as inferior and are being suppress upon. The gap between the rich and the poor have always existed and still does to this present day.

So do we want to further the gap of the have and the have-nots by continuing the process of genetic engineering, where only the rich can afford it and have their offspring exponentially surpass the ability of a normal human being? Do we want the rich to keep on suppressing the poor? Do we want more bloodshed over who are superior and inferior and ignoring the fact that we, human are basically the same? I believe that the answer is quite obvious.