This I Believe

Fanny - Pflugerville, Texas
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Pen, pencil, marker, crayon, chalk, or even that can of paint; with whatever in hand you can’t go wrong making a mess and leaving your mark on fresh surface. There’s nothing like that feeling of writing something on public property. For me, it leaves a happy adrenaline almost like the one I get after coming home from spending the night at his house. To know someone has laid their eyes on my small masterpiece is awesome, who knows maybe they turned red in laughter instead of fury. Hope is all there is when I walk away. The unplanned is what makes life worth living. Bursting out in laughter during complete class silence, making up words, or singing out loud in the most off key voice, those are the moments I cherish. Growing up I taught myself not to fret about who’s watching or what they think as long as I’m having fun, those eyes and thoughts don’t matter. I’ve even learned not to let my mom get to me since me being different bothers her because some stranger might think something. I actually have had fun embarrassing her a few times.

What’s the point in being like everyone else or never getting into trouble? Don’t be afraid of a citation, I got one for having fireworks which apparently was a big no-no but that was one of my best memorable nights. I lucked out in court because my officer understood me wanting to be a kid. I believe that if you don’t do something when you have the chance, in time, you will regret it so have fun going through with the urge even if in the end you become labeled “weird” or “crazy”.

Of course there’s a limit, don’t go psycho and believe you’re invincible. I don’t mean go rob a bank or turn into a drug dealer more like dance in the middle of the street to a song in your head, that’s one of my favorites. Live life for the moment, you can never go back. My next thing I want to do before I get too old is make a collection of stolen street signs, I’m just not sure when to start but I know when I see it I’ll be ready and willing.