This I Believe

Rhea - austin, Texas
Entered on January 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe. I believe all people are beautiful. I have never met an ugly person. When I walk down a crowded hallway and see the people that surround me I wonder… do these creatures ever pause and look at themselves the way I look at them—the complexity, the elegance, the pure genius by which they were created. When I see people laugh it is not just an audible, vocal expulsion of air. When I see people huff it is not verbatim, a launch of items toward or at something. When I see people cry it is not simply a response to an overwhelming sensation. When I See People I do not see verbs—but nouns. I see a feeling, an emotion; whether it be barefaced or hidden it can be grasped. It can not be touched, but it can be felt. I do not see the number of tissues used, or the papers thrown across the room, or the decibels reached I see something more substantial and far more important. I see their true existence through emotion, through reaction, through their own being their own beauty.

I say I have never seen an ugly person but perhaps that is because I do not look at a person’s face, hair, or figure, nor do I look at a person’s actions and opinions I look only at the person nothing more, or rather nothing less. I look around and I see beauties dashing all around me in all directions some crying, some laughing, some dismayed, some confident, some old, some young, some smart, some not, some pregnant, some depressed, some arrogant, all seemingly ignorant. Ignorant of the beauty they stand in the middle of. This beauty encompasses the entirety of the populated hallway. I see the life and the passion to live. I look around and I see beauty I see people. I see a person. I see you and you are beautiful.