This I Believe

Annie-lee - austin, Texas
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

High school students are stronger than we are given credit for, but it is true that sometimes we must act childish and revert to old habits to maintain our sanity.

I believe that a good cry can solve anything.

Crying is to the emotional soul what food is to the physical soul. I believe that crying is just as necessary to living as breathing.

I believe that there are infinite ways that crying can be initiated: the memories behind a song, the basic storyline to any chick flick, the everydayness of high school, crying from laughing so hard, shedding tears of joy and they are all valid reasons.

I know it sounds immature and irrational, but I’ll admit to it – I am one of those stereotypical teenage girls that goes into her room, listens to a few sad songs and if that doesn’t do the trick, turns on a classic chick flick with a box of tissues and a bar of chocolate at my side. It’s my own low budget therapy session.

I believe that you haven’t really cried until there is a pile of soaked tissues strewn about the floor. If the top layer of your trashcan is not the pure white of tissues, you’ve done it wrong. I believe that if your nose doesn’t run and your eyes aren‘t red, you’re not trying hard enough.

I have pulled over on the side of the road, cranked up a sad song and spent an hour sitting there alone, crying. I didn’t have to talk to anyone. My mind was free to wonder the events that took place that led me to that moment. Though it didn’t solve anything, the feeling of absolution afterward was refreshing. It was not until then that I could put those sad memories behind me and face the world with a smile and a new outlook. Laughing makes you feel better, but who is to say that crying cannot solve the same purpose.

I believe that while men have been taught for generations that crying is a sign of weakness, both sexes alike can share in the event.

I believe that the definition of crying should stop being said with a negative connotation and should be seen as a freeing of the mind. It’s a way of a letting everything go. It’s a momentary lapse of the mind when words can no longer help.

I believe in the unyielding power of a good cry. The fact that it never really seems to solve anything, but still leaves us with a feeling of security and even a tiny glimpse of hope, is beyond words. The feeling after crying, after letting it all out, there is nothing like it. There is something about it that makes everything seem ok again.