This I Believe

Heather - Zillah, Washington
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

From the far west to the Far East, from the far north to the far south, you see all different colors and races of human kind. Tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, black people, white people, so many different qualities about each person. But even after all of the differences, are we really that different?

So many of us come from different backgrounds and different heritages. Some of us are Native American, some of us are Hispanic, some of us are African American, and some of us are Caucasian, but we are all tied together in one society. We all have hair, we all have eyes and we all have arms and legs. The only thing that is trying to separate this society is the color of our skin.

Slavery ended over 100 years ago and I think its time that we start accepting one another for who we are in the inside, not the outside. A person should only be judged based on the way they treat others and the way they act; not the color on their skin. When I first came to White Swan I was known as the “New White Girl” instead by my name. Not saying White Swan is racist, but it’s time we start seeing people for who they are and what their name is instead of the color on their skin. I believe we were all created equally and no one should be badgered because their skin is white or because their skin is brown. We were all brought into this world by our parents and didn’t have the choice of what color our skin would be. We can’t change who our parents are and what our heritage is. What we can change is the way we act and the way we treat others.

For example my mother is Caucasian and my father is Native American. So that would make me half White and half Native American. But people will judge me based on the color of my skin rather than getting to know me. Instead of asking me what my name is or hanging out with me and seeing what my personality is, they look at the color on my skin and assume I’m just another white girl. It’s morally pungent and very wrong. I believe we were all created equally and it’s time we treated each other that way. There is not one race or one color that is the right one. Without the Native Americans we wouldn’t have the great history we do. Without the Caucasians we wouldn’t have ever discovered North America. Without the Hispanics we wouldn’t have the great agricultural system that we have today. We have all come together in one society to make this world a better place. It’s time we start accepting one another and not let race or color come between us. Honestly, what would the world be like without everyone?

We were all put into this world by one creator and for some reason we were all brought together to make society the way it is today. Shouldn’t we start acting like mature people and stop criticizing people based on color? I believe that one day soon we will all come together as one and start acting as one. I believe that when my children go to school they will only learn about slavery and racism, not live it. I believe that one day no one will criticize another human being without getting to know them before. This I believe!