This I Believe

Jordan - South Burlington, Vermont
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that society has problems with putting labels on everything. People feel the need to put others in a category just to make them feel better. But really there is no need for these so called “labels”. An individual should be able to say what they want, wear what they want, and believe what they want with out having to worry about being put in a group or being stamped with a label. Just because someone may like to wear all black and hate life and cut them self so they can feel better doesn’t mean that they should automatically be called “emo”. Society also labels people by what they were, hence, preppy, goth, emo, scene, punk, or getto. There really is no need for labels, I think. I don’t see the reason in categorizing people just so they have a so called “group” to segregate to. I believe that it is because of these labels that make people depressed or maybe even go to the extreme measures of suicide.

Calling a girl a “slut” or a “whore” just because she did something that she may regret now isn’t right, or calling a boy a “fag” or a “homo” just because he is homosexual. These are all the reasons why we have people now days committing suicide. It’s all these “labels” that make people feel so dam bad about themselves that they have no other option then to either hurt themselves or feel like there is nothing else they can do but to end life, and in my opinion that is just wrong.

Well that is just what I believe, It may not be right but I think that it needs to be fixed. Kids, teens, adults, everybody should feel good about themselves no matter what. There is no need for these “labels” that make people do the things they do.