This I Believe

josh - underhill, Vermont
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I believe that every ones religion is a bunch of bull if you have a religion you are following one idiot that can come with some random story and that you are all idiots for following them there is now after life you die go in the ground or get set on fire and that’s it the rest is a load of bull. Any idiot can make a religion its not that hard in fact I have a friend that made up a religion the other day and he already has 200 idiots following him it is the biggest hoax in the world and its all a bunch of lies made up by a bunch of idiots and there followers I ate all of it and I think its all a bunch of crap. Any one that makes up a religion is no better than Hitler he got a bunch of idiots to follow his beliefs and then got them to cleanse the earth of every one that’s not worthy of his beliefs. You have to see it my way. I mean every pope and priest is waiting there lives follow some idiots story and basing his life on it. I say enjoy life and don’t follow any idiots stories just do what you want and be happy about it and shut up. I hate these lies and the people that follow them its just a bunch of useless things that sound good like if you do this and don’t do that you wont go to hell. Well guess what there isn’t a heaven or a hell when you die your dead that’s it your dead you don’t go any were special you just die and that’s it. So do what ever you want you’re all going to die and become worm food. So be happy about it and stop being an idiot!