This I Believe

Lily - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in fate. Fate creates your future and gives you situations to lead you there. When I was 14 I met and became attached to my first serious boyfriend. You may believe a young adolescent isn’t capable to sincerely love someone and find their suture spouse at such a young age, but he was my life. 3 years passed and he still remained in my life, and became the core of my existence and even after our departure he remains a part of me. A good friend and a good listener, he still is apart of my everyday existence, but fate has decided we were not meant to be.

Quan, my long life friend, saved me from a tyrannical friendship that blanketed my personality and skills. I never thought I could amount to anything because my “best friend” conditioned me to believe I was created to

be a life-long shadow. Quan helped me realize there is more to life then the only “good friendship” I thought I knew. I finally escaped from the “friendship” and somehow remained by Quan’s side.

For the next 3 years, until I was 17, I was constantly with him or thinking about him. He kept me from proceeding with my troubled teenage years because I thought I found the one. I wasn’t consumed by phony friendship, late night outs, or lies to my parents. I cared more about a good future with Quan. I remained in school to prove to my parents that a boyfriend would not demolish my future, but secretly I planned for the minimum education to quickly start a life with Quan. Instead of striving to become a physician (my dream career), I thought a technician would be enough, financially, to partially support a family, since Quan would be there to support me. Becoming a technician would cut the education process in half which meant

could start a family sooner.

After he joined the marines my life changed. I waited for 2 years, but as the time of his service expanded my patience for our future

diminished. Now I dream big. I wish for more. I hope for better. If fate introuduce him to the marines I would be a young 20 year old bride, with a less impressive resume, wasting away my skills. But if i never met Quan, my personality would never shine. No one would know what I have to offer.

It was fate that brought Quan into my life to keep my on the right track, but it is fate that we are not meant to be. Fate blessed me

with Quan who helped me find myself. Fate saved me from Quan who clouded myvision of the future. I believe fate will get you through life. I believe fate will rescue you in difficulties. I believe fate with guide you toward goals. I believe in fate.