This I Believe

Thai - austin, Texas
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Without the hard work of many people, our lives would not be as easy as it is today. So I believe we can work hard also and help make the world a lot better for the next generations. Many people currently does not care about the next generations and just continue to live without thinking about the future generations since they will not be here. For instance, celebrities spend money on expensive clothing while they should donate a large some of money for charities like the Feed the Children or St.Jude’s research hospital.

Since we now have better technology than the past, we can use that to create a better living for the next generations like solving global warming or discovering a different fuel for cars to use before we run out of fossil fuels to use. When gasoline was first used, they were at cheap prices and now in our generations it’s rising. By the next generations, how much would it be?

Solving current issues would help people to have a better tomorrow. For instance, global warming is getting worst every year. Here in Austin, Texas gets very hot during the summer and when winter comes around it’s not as cold. Back ten years ago, summer wasn’t has hot and winter was actually cold. Sometimes cold enough for it to snow, but that rarely happens here. Living in a state that’s near the ocean is dangerous when hurricane season comes around. In 2005, the hurricane season was worst that I’ve seen. First a category 5 hurricane called Katrina came into New Orleans, Louisiana putting the city underwater. Many people fled to other states and cities to get away from the storm and many lost their lives. Later on came another category 5 hurricane came around that area called Hurricane Rita. Thinking it would hit Houston; the city was evacuated before the storm hits. My dad’s friends from Houston came over and spend couple of days there until the storm was over. Usually from Houston to Austin would be probably about 3 hours, but it took longer to reach Austin because of all the traffic.