This I Believe

Christine - Skowhegan, Maine
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

Yay! It’s Snowing!

Every one of us in the Northeast knows how it feels to hear someone screaming, “It’s snowing!” We’ve all rushed to the window to see the first snow of the season, an event looked forward to by every child, skier, and snowmobiler for many months beforehand. You can even hear the love of snow in songs like “White Christmas”. The song expresses how important it is to have snow for Christmas; the snow makes Christmas magical. A frosted landscape is beautiful and completes the whole scene of happy families, religious celebrations, and the arrival of Santa Clause.

I am a senior in high school and I still look forward to a snow day. Snow days are wonderful days in which most students do no work and play around. Although parents may be annoyed by the logistics of finding childcare, the kids seize the chance to have snowball fights. Children grow up having snowball fights and building forts. I know I can remember spending all day outside on a snow day with my brother and sister making snowmen and houses. We would have bruises from throwing snowballs and wet clothes that became gradually heavier. My father would plow the snow into snow banks where we would build forts, which became playhouses, stores, castles and tunnels. Snow brings kids –and people of all ages– together in a playful way. I believe snow makes people happier.

Skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers are probably the biggest snow lovers out there. These snow enthusiasts think of snow all summer, and go crazy when November comes around. As an avid skier myself I am always watching the news and listening to the radio to hear news of any snow. On the day of a storm, even though it may be dangerous to travel, flocks of vehicles fly away to ski mountains. Even the snowmobilers who don’t require as much snow to ride get excited over the thought of a snowstorm because it means they can venture out into the woods to see how many times they can get stuck on the trails. Without snow, none of these sports would be possible. Snow sports are recreational, and can be family endeavors. My family goes up to Sugarloaf every weekend to ski. We always have a great time skiing; if not with each other then with friends we’ve made on the mountain.

I believe that snow is the basis of all happiness, hope, and togetherness. Nothing can replace snow and its effects. The smile of a child fashioning the finishing brick for his snow fort is indescribable. The affect of a skier standing at the top of a mountain, taken aback by the surrounding snow landscape is unforgettable. The joy of Christmas, and the legends of Santa, would not be complete without it. Therefore I strongly believe in the fluffy white snow.