This I Believe

Sidney - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

This I believe what goes around comes around.

I agree that what goes around is true because life’s experiences. As a young teen, in middle school I grew up with people that made fun of others every day because they didn’t have a life. When I was that young teen I had real bad self-esteem. As you all know when u get older people are never satisfied with there self so they judge people to make themselves look better. I always had friends by my side and I never thought that I would happen to me.

People at school would stare at me and made rude comments about me, not because I’m beautiful it’s because they’re never satisfied with themselves, and they constantly talk about what I’m wearing and what guy I’m with. I was always the pretty girl so of course people would talk about me and make things up to make themselves look better than me. They would say well I was sleeping with that guy and I did that with him and whomever. I really didn’t pay attention to that kind of stuff because that’s just not me. My mom would say “Well they just jealous, they will never be like you if they tried.” When she told me that, I kind of felt better about everyday situations.

As soon as I got older I realize that what happened to me would probably happen to them someday. I wanted those people to know how I felt back then and experience the things I went through. People just don’t know how to treat you and they would never know how to treat you if you don’t speak up. I always did. I would talk to my mom or a school counselor to either get things off my chest or to handle the situation if it gets out of hand. Growing up was the hard thing to do. I’ve forgiven those people that made fun of me or even joked about me back in middle school but I’ll never forget who they were.

It’s kind of sad that those same people you talk to on the phone and eat with at lunch are the same people that talk to you behind your back. You’ll never notice who they are. So, I would choose my friends wisely more often. Teenagers’ everyday at my school would act like nothing is wrong with you, and continue to treat you what you don’t want to be treated. This I believe wrong. This is wrong because they don’t know how you feel and when the media in magazines and on television tell you to tell those people how you fell, than that might be a bad thing for you to do.

I do not believe in peace because there would always be a phone ring or a knock on a door woth people coming to you with drama. Sometimes I feel like a celebrity with all the cameras and lights flashing everywhere watching you next step or next move.