This I Believe

Rudolf - Rosedale, New York
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I have been writing for the last fifteen years, still I am not making enough to pay the bills.

In my writings, I am searching for the things that will wake people from their indifference. To that end, I have stopped deleting the things I should highlight or diluting the things I should distill.

I believe that indifference is a nursery where inhumanity germinates. There is no greater destructive force on earth that is stronger than indifference. I am much more harmless when I clap for the powerful or kick the powerless than when I opt to be indifferent.

Indifference is not the same thing as patience. When I am indifferent, my passion goes to sleep. When my passion is asleep, I am worse than dead. I have the right to be mad and the right to be bad, but I do not have the right to be indifferent. If I am indifferent, I am an accomplice in the destruction of the humanity of others. And when another’s humanity perishes while I bear witness, so does mine.

I believe vigilance is not cowardice.

Though I wish truth will cease to be relative, I do know it won’t. I will always lean on the truth as told by those who were the casualties of life – “ those who died; those who bear the scars; those who lost people; and those who lost possessions.”

I believe a lesson from history is a terrible thing to waste.

I jealously protect my dream for when dream dies, so dies that thing that makes me special. Mine is not a generic human soul. So I don’t go about hugging a whining world. In spite of the beautiful smiles of the pretty and the attractive largess of the powerful, I retain my quaint convictions.

I don’t want to be ordinary. Ordinary is not something I can become, it is something I am. I want to be special.

World encyclopedia is nothing but a book of special people and their special deeds. Those whose names are not there are those who will be forgotten as soon as they return to sand and dust. I am not one of the lucky ones who do not care about the encyclopedias of this world. Unfortunately, I am not one of the smart ones who do not care about its heavenly companion, the encyclopedia of life, otherwise known as the Book of Life. That, I believe, is also full of special people, special children of God who received His grace – which means, I really have no alternative than to be special.

I can survive the failure of my fist, but when my mind capitulates, insanity is what I know will follow.

I believe in patience. I believe that droplets of endurance pierce marble. I believe that in the valley of patience resides heaven.

I believe that no genuine struggle for survival is left unrewarded forever.