This I Believe

David - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe

I have always believed in living life in the moment because I have also believed in destiny and that I have a certain time and date to when I will die. I have always lived my life one moment at a time so that I have time to do whatever I have put my mind to. I don’t know whether I will die tomorrow or in 10 years so living in the moment is what keeps me going.

Just recently, I have enlisted into the Marines. Suddenly I acquired the mindset to accomplish all that I can while I am here because with the war in Iraq and the need for more and more soldiers I see myself fighting in this war within the next year and a half. I have always wanted to travel the world and now I will cease the opportunity to travel a bit before I leave for the military.

For awhile I wanted to go backpacking through Europe because a couple years ago I was in Spain and it was very beautiful. I expect the rest of Europe to be the same way. I want to travel to Germany because I have always thought that the pictures I have seen of Germany have always been beautiful. I have always had the same feelings about Italy, Portugal, England, Switzerland, and France. Those were all the countries I intended in visiting this summer, but the most important of all has to be Scotland because ever since my dad went to Scotland I have dreamed of going there since I am part Scottish. My last name says it all “Ross”. After a long time of thinking about this vacation I finally decided not to go on this great trip because I wanted to go to visit family in Guatemala since I may never be able to see them again if I don’t go this summer.

Since I will be departing for Iraq sometime in the near future I have made plans to go to Guatemala in June of this year so that I can visit my Grandmother, who is very much against me joining the Marines, my Aunt and Uncle, and finally my Brother. The nice part about going to Guatemala is that I get to travel to various parts of the country and see relatives but also experience the different types of climates and the beautiful geographic sites that you can see nowhere else. I also want to travel to the Northern region where Tikal is, to see the many Mayan pyramids and other Mayan miracles.

With this being said I believe that living my life one moment at a time is still the best way for me to live. It will also keep me on my toe every minute of my life which for me has always been fun.