This I Believe

Chris - 98125, District of Columbia
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Life is not always fair, you can’t get everything you want, but there’s times where you can get it. By working for it. Whatever you do there’s a reward at the end. It’s what you earning right? Ether your studying for a Spanish test , Shooting the basketball over and over again, or babysitting your next door neighbors kid, what are you getting for all of this? What your getting is a great score on that Spanish test, what your improving on is a nice basketball shot, what your earning is money. I believe that if you want a thing, a ability, or a skill then you can get it by working for it.

When I was seven years old I remember I wanted to play the piano. I wanted to play the piano because I wanted to perform music and play a instrument. I thought the piano would be easy to play, so after begging my parents, they got me a sixty one key electronic piano keyboard. The piano could play one hundred song tunes and I would listen to all of them and pick out my favorites, but I didn’t jus want to listen to them I wanted to play them.

The piano had a tiny screen like the size of a regular playing card. When I would listen to a song the screen showed the piano keys playing the tune, so I could slow down the song tune with a button and attempt to memorize the keys. I would pause and play until I could memorize and play it. I spent a butch of hours with the piano and got to know many simple melodies. When I performed these tunes everybody was impressed and I was very proud of myself because I was really playing the piano.

Now my parents were born in Vietnam and believed that communism wasn’t fair. So they left Vietnam on boats. My mom and her family went to Malaysia and my dad and his family went to the Philippines. Eventually my parents got to America and worked to now have a home and a family.

I don’t play the piano anymore, but I did by practicing. My parents desired to live in a better place, and strived to have a good life, have it all now by working for it. That’s why I believe that hard work does pays off.