This I Believe

Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe: I believe in being an organized person.

I believe in this because it makes me feel like a responsible person. From the times I have had to deal with many class notes, papers, handouts etc. I have always organized my things in an orderly way so as not to have a mess of papers lying around my room or in my lockers. I like keeping everything neat and tidy; as organized as possible according to the subject, the date I took the notes on etc. Organizing all my school work this way, makes it easier for me to find anything that I may need later on. If I have papers lying around me in all the directions, when the time comes to refer some of my notes, it will be hard to look through the bundles of crumpled and old papers just to find that one piece of paper. But, on the other hand, keeping every paper in its correct place not only keeps everything organized and clean but also makes it less time consuming in case I need to go back and refer it. In class, when teachers tell all the students to take out the previous day’s homework, many of my unorganized friends have to shuffle around for a long time before they can take out that one sheet of paper. However, I only take half as much time to get that particular paper out as all my papers would be organized neatly.

I believe that organizing is another way to keep an account of everything. For example, whenever I spend money, I have to tell my dad how much I spent and for what purposes I spent it. This way, my dad can always keep an account of how much money is being spent each month or each year. Thus in this way, I can also keep an account of my papers or any notes that I take and if one of the paper is missing I can quickly figure out from where the paper was missing or what information it might have contained so that I can re-take those notes for my future use.

I believe being organized also represents me as an individual, and my personality. It also gives a guest good impression about me, which I greatly value. I believe that in today’s fast-paced world, one has to be on top of everything and organized. I think organized people are more respected and are looked upon as role models by the young generations of our modern world. Some of my friends, when asked if they could describe themselves as an organized person, feel ashamed as they cannot while I can proudly say that I am an organized person. Thus, I believe being an organized person can always be profitable and a blessing but never a curse.