This I Believe

Angelo - Hayesville, North Carolina
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I remember first reading Morrow’s book over 30 years ago. It really opened my eyes–more than any single book–to the variety of beliefs people can have.

So I remember trying to answer this question back then, and I remember struggling with it, as I continue to struggle with it now. Labels have made me an existentialist, but being what I am, I cannot even agree to that. I believe there is some higher force or power, I am even willing to call it God, but there I must stop because I do not, and believe I cannot, know what that power is.

My reasoning for accepting this higher power, to me as of yet unrepresented by any church, is the obvious eveidence of the diversity of life and stability of structure within the cosmos. The world, it seems to me, wreaks of design.

As far as ethics, and so about what to do rather than what to believe, there is really only one moral code we need, one that has been around in many forms for centuries, and that is the one best captured by the maxim known as the Golden rule. Treating others as you want to be treated, or as Kant put it, “acting as you will on the maxim that whatever you do you would will to become universal law,” seems to me, to this day, the pinnacle of morality.

Trying to live this way makes one, in my eyes, a better man. This, I believe.