This I Believe

Laney - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in one plain and simple thing. I believe in my hair color.

For as long as I can remember, my head has always been full of long straight black hair. Never did I walk down the cosmetics isle of Wal-Mart thinking of picking up a package of hair dye trying to change myself into a blonde or a red head. Mostly because I find the color of my hair to be beautiful, and because my mother would have a cardiac arrest if I ever dyed my hair. I remember on one occasion when my mother and I took a trip to a Wal-Mart near by to pick up some groceries when we ran across the dreadful hair and make-up isle. My mom immediately said, and I can still hear her say it, “Your hair is pretty. Don’t dye it a different color.” She was right.

It bothers me see that many people in society today try very hard to change many physical features that defines him/her in a special way, different from any other person, just to assimilate into a group or culture. I look around the corner and I see men and women changing the way they look because “it’s prettier” or because “it looks better.” Blinded by the scale of beauty enforce by the media today, these people have failed to understand that beauty lies in the originality of a person. The physical traits that a person is originally brought into the world with are beauty, because there are no flaws and nothing untrue. It’s pure and beautiful.

For me, the naturalness of my hair is a symbol of my true self; it’s my origin, it’s what mother gave me, it’s beauty. By changing it, I would be announcing that I don’t like to be myself and is not proud of where I came from. It would be telling my mother that what she gave me isn’t pretty enough and I don’t appreciate her work. My black hair is what defines me. When someone walks pass me, he/she will immediately acknowledge that I am of Asian decent and the physical traits I possess are the true me. I was born a black head and will always stay a black head. This I believe.