This I Believe

Mitch - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

Live life to the fullest. This is something that I have learned to do everyday. Before I was born, my grandpa had died of a heart attack. I never got to meet, or talk to him, but the stories that I’ve heard from my dad are some that I’ll never forget. With pictures around our house, it’s easy to see that my grandpa knew how to live life. My dad always tells me that you shouldn’t take every day for granted, because you just don’t know what could happen tomorrow. My dad was a senior in high school, when his teacher had pulled him out of the classroom to talk to him. The teacher had told my dad that his dad had a heart attack and is dead. This was an absolute shock to him and rest of the family. This wasn’t suppose to happen, he was only 35 years old. But my dad would tell me that those thirty-five years that my grandpa lived, were the best thirty-five years someone could have. He was involved with all of his children, helping them with schoolwork every night, than athletics after. My dad and grandpa were very close to each other, they had a bond together with fixing cars up. This was a way that they could hang out and enjoy each other’s company. My dad has plenty of memories from those days that will by no means be forgotten. My grandpa would go out of his way everyday, to help someone out. Now, my dad is doing the same. He wants me to have memories of us hanging out, so that when that day comes when he’s gone, I’ll be able to say he lived his life to the fullest. That past time that him and his dad had, is something that my dad and I are building up. My dad and I have a special bond with golfing. It’s something that both of us enjoy doing, and a way for us to have some bonding time, and talk about subjects that have been on our mind. When the day comes that I have my own children, I will always remember these stories, and to tell them never to waste a day.