This I Believe

Cesar - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a personal relationship with my savior Jesus Christ not in a religion. For the longest time I have been a Christian who goes to a Pentecostal church. This church is based on having a special relationship with the son of God. There I have learned to be dedicated to God not only with my actions but also with my heart and soul. I believe because I have felt peace when being in and contemplating his presence. This presence is obviously not physical but rather spiritual. It’s not a matter of understanding all of the mysteries of God but to follow him having in mind that these will always exist. This has made me believe even more because I am not looking for human answers to who God is or what he is capable of doing. I don’t believe in religion because this ties stressed people to strict doctrines where they have to follow a specific path to earn “salvation”. I don’t believe this is desire of God to his children through Jesus Christ. I don’t think God wants humans to be wondering if they are in the right religion or not but rather I think he wants his children to believe in him and follow his word for love to him not for fear to obtain salvation. Throughout my childhood I had this terrible fear of going to heaven or to hell. I tried so hard to be good but I found my self doing wrong everyday and every time this killing thought came through my head. At that point I was truly tied up and drowning in a bottle of water. Now I have peace in my heart knowing that there is hope for me through Jesus and that I am in a process of becoming a better person with him by my side. This will make me take wiser decision and form a stronger character in me that will still go through the hardships of life but now in a different way.