This I Believe

Adam - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe Essay

I believe in competition, fighting to the bitter end, pushing yourself against all odds. Whether your backs against a wall, or you are succeeding at what you are doing; I believe in striving for the best that can possibly be brought out from a person.

To prove that I live by this belief here’s an example of competition. I play for our Tennis team at my high school, and last year I was playing the number one singles spot against another experienced team, even though I was not number one material. I was down 5-0 in the first set, and a set is first to 6 games, then my coach came over and said this isn’t you, you’re letting him walk all over you, just make him play. And I came back to win that set by winning 7 games straight. I have kept the same style this year at the number one doubles spot, whether we are up by 5 or all tied up, I push myself to the edge and fight as hard as I can. I live by fighting hard even when I am being nerdy, because I play my play-station 2 very intensely and I won’t give up on a game until I beat it. If you do not fight hard at something even if it seems insignificant when will you ever? If you are not used to pushing yourself regularly you will not be able to when you need to. Another example is in running. Hypothetically you are running a mile on a track that is 4 laps around the track, I always sprint the very last stretch on the last lap, and it feels so good to push that hard. After you have pushed yourself to the limit and you succeed it makes winning so much better knowing you fought the fight as best you could, and it is good compensation if you come out at the bottom, and it means you practice hard to get better. I do that as well. At tennis practice I, being team captain now, push myself and everybody else to the very brink, because I know that it will work to out benefit as a team and as individuals.

Competition and fighting hard are very important, learn them early like I have and you can achieve things that you never thought you could, because no matter how physical an aspect might seem, there is a mental element that can make or break you. It has made me, what about you?