This I Believe

Ariel - Hickory, North Carolina
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe in mistakes. I have not always believed in this but events in my life have conformed my thinking. You learn from the mistakes you make and can help others by telling them what you went through. Hearing about mistakes others have made helps you to avoid the dilemmas that they experienced.

In my experiences with horses I have learned many things. After I bought my first horse I rode it most of the time and it started to get spoiled. I would let her get away with actions that she should not have gotten away with if I had taken the initiative to control her. I did not give the discipline that I should have, but everything seemed to be going ok until one day it all blew up. She threw me off because I tried to discipline her. From that day on it became a war. The next couple of weeks were full of hard work to get her back to where we could control her. I realized that it was my fault though; it was not because my horse was ill-behaved it was just that I let her get out of control. I learned from that mistake. Now my riding has improved immensely resulting in the greater control over the horses that I ride. Not only does this experience enhance my belief, but my experiences in relationships boost my belief as well.

Relationships can make one see life in a different way. I have been in my fair share of relationships, but one experience dominates the rest. This is the experience of my first love and me. We were going great for eight and a half months until it all went downhill. We finally broke up and that should have been then end of us, but I was young and naïve. We got back together at least four times that I can recall. Each time we reunited, the relationship never worked. We would continue to argue and eventually he would get sick of me and dump me. I was the one full of stupidity because I went back to him so much. I know now that it was a mistake to go back to him so many times. The pain it caused me was more than necessary. I should have just let the relationship end the first time we broke up so that I could go through the pain of moving on at that time. The pain of moving on was unavoidable; I just chose to avoid it as long as possible. Now I am a lot more careful at choosing the guys that I date. I realize more readily when something is not going to work out and I do not try to avoid it. I have learned that it is better to face reality than try hiding from it.

Mistakes are a wonderful teacher. They help you get through life and make you into a better person because of what you can learn from them.