This I Believe

Tyler - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people are way too stereotypical these days. Judgemental, if you will. If you agree with me, you either have been subject to it, or you just like the idea that you can actually say you have a problem with society, instead of just going along with what you hear in the songs you listen to. If you disagree, hear me out. I went to a public school all my life right up untill seventh grade. I got into alot of trouble in jr.high (where I’m from, it’s sixth, seventh, and eighth grade), so my parents sent me to a christian school that I’m not going to name. But this school was your cliche’ christian school, with your small classes that consisted of your whole grade, and chapel/worship on Wednesdays. Sounds good for a Christian, but that was the problem. I wasn’t a Christian. I wasn’t anything. By my family, I was Catholic, but I never went to church. I hated it. So here I am, suddenly totaly submerged in this religion/culture (yes, it’s like its own culture, to me anyway). Everybody there was so…judgemental. You would think that with all the stuff they preach and warp into thier minds about how not to do be like that, ect…that they would just be the nicest, most supportive people ever. No. Totaly opposite. They were the most snobby, “You don’t believe in God? I’m better then you” people. So yeah, I CAN say, from past experience, that people are way too judgemental. If you agree, PLEASE emai me at…..peace