This I Believe

Tyler - Superior, Colorado
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

This i believe that freedom is one of the essentials of life. The definition of freedom is the power to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Im sure anyone in the world would say that freedom is important to their lifestyle. By looking in the past when peoples freedom is hindered by governments or other people the result is not a good one. I am sure everyone in their life has had their freedom taken away in some form. All these people know that without freedom life is a shapeless blob where you follow a regime every day. Which is not the best thing for example look at school. There are many ways in which people express their freedom. Some people write editorials about certain topics most of these editorials are about politics but people are still expressing their freedom. Then there are people who express their freedom in other ways that are not to be mentioned in this paper. Other people have a special activity that makes them feel free and having not a worry in the world. The activity for me would be snowboarding because i feel that i have no restraints. When i snowboard i plug my iPod in, strap in, and ride. When i ride, i ride by myself because then i will not have people moaning or whining. I love to go to the uncharted parts of the mountain and ride because you feel the wilderness’s freedom rubbing off on you and you feel as if you are one with the wilderness. In the constitution the first amendment is freedom and you wonder why our nation is one of the strongest in the world is because any one has the freedom to make a run for president and our nation has the freedom to choose the leader of our nation and many other things that made us a super power. Take a long deep breath then think about all the amenities you have then think of all the amenities you have when you lose your freedom that is none. I believe that this topic means more to me because i am a teenager and as people know teenagers and freedom is and everlasting battle.