This I Believe

Alanna - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

At 11:30 on Sunday night as I was finishing up my math homework and just beginning to think about what I should write for my This I Believe essay I started to wondered why I am such a procrastinator. The art of procrastination is one to be marveled at, and I have nearly mastered it. To me, life is about choices and, though I regret it time and time over, I choose to procrastinate on almost every major assignment or school project I receive. Now, I believe, it is time to begin appreciating my gift of procrastination.

I am by no means a quick worker, and I never get anything done fast. Still, what I need is not 3 weeks to do a project. I need at day or two, maybe three. In just a couple days I manage to get everything done efficiently. When I do everything at once opposed to spreading it out over two weeks I can consolidate my thoughts and focus on what needs to be done. Projects I start 12 hours before the due date come out beautiful and I always get a well done sticker! Well, most teachers stopped doing that in middle school, but I generally get a high “A” which is almost as good as a sticker. Countless times I stayed up until two in the morning working on a project due the next day. I work well under the pressure to finish. I know plenty of people who procrastinate and never get an assignment done or slack off and turn in a half done, poor job. But somehow I always manage to get it done and do it well too.

I have never been a person who simply doesn’t do assigned school work, but I have always been a procrastinator. I can hardly imagine not doing what I need to get done. Every time I get an assignment I say to myself this time I will start early, but there always seems to be something more pressing or important to do. In all honesty I constantly feel I have something else to do before I start on a big project until I absolutely have to do the project. I am more motivated at the end when I am out of time, or maybe I am just addicted to the adrenaline.