This I Believe

Alex - Seattle, Washington
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughter is the antidote to all problems. I believe that a wall of tension can be destroyed with a simple chuckle. This belief of mine almost sounds like a cliché, but laughter is truly amazing. Life without laughter is simply too ordinary; we would have no emotions, no liveliness, nothing. Laughter is one of the many things in life that can change our moods into something that is graceful, and cheerful.

One of the greatest opposites of laughter is shyness. Shyness is always a part of our daily lives. This lonely feeling affects all of us greatly, while our mind tells us to be afraid. In order to truly live a great life, we must laugh; it’s just an essential thing in life. I believe that laughter can consume shyness, whether it leads to meeting new friends, or just feeling more confident.

Life with laughter can create many pathways that we may walk across. New friendships, new emotions, and just some things that just isn’t explainable in words. Like most people, I was once in elementary school, and that first day of kindergarten is like a living disaster. Your parents leave you to the teacher, and you bawl your eyes out in search of them. You’re alone, sad, until you meet that first new person; your first friend.

In kindergarten, I was quite shy, and I hadn’t been away from my parents for a mere 20 minutes. I simply couldn’t seem to handle the fact that my parents were gone for six hours. Time progressed ever so slowly, as if we were watching a year pass on a clock.

I believe that laughter needs to follow one simple rule; one of which is that laughter builds upon common interests, and similarities. My first true friend could speak Chinese, like me. This little thing, allowed us to communicate and share ideas in not one, but two languages, an amazing similarity. Thankfully, the teacher wouldn’t understand us, as we gossiped about how annoying he was. I would say “Mr. Clement ?????? (tao hai mm hai ho dai lah)?” meaning, “Isn’t Mr. Clements’s head humongous?” Kindergarteners seem to laugh at everything, and in Chinese, everything seems just that bit funnier, to me at least. I cherish these laughing moments in my heart, and lock them away, (keeping at least the teacher’s ears out). We’re still best friends today, and I truly believe that laughter has broken my excessive shyness in meeting others.

I’ll always remember that laughter is great. It led me to the path of my first best friend, endless memories of happiness, joy, and more. Laughter costs nothing, its free, and is something that we all need in our lives to live better, so why not laugh now? It won’t hurt, and you’ll thank yourself you did. To put it simply, laughter is amazing, and we can’t live without it. I believe that laughter is great.