This I Believe

Candace - Oak Park, Illinois
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in life, love, family, loyalty and truth. My life has been good. Perhaps better than most. My parents and brothers while not perfect were always in touch, always communicating. I try to duplicate that with my own daughters. Three girls, lovely, loving and sometimes selfish. I try to be there for them as my mom was for me. I tell them the importance of family, love, lfe, loyalty and true friendshi[p. Do they hear me and really understand? I think so. I hope so, but daily life pulls at all of us. My voice isn’t the only one they hear or they heed. I can’t duplicate my happy upbringing for them. I wouldn’t want to. Duplication is the mother of sameness/boredom. They will be their own people because of me, inspite of me. Different from me and their father. I hope they take the goodness from their grandparents, from me and their dad. Be happy adults. Try girls, to make something good strong and true. Family, friends, truth and loyalty are important. This I believe.