This I Believe

burak - austin, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Good friends can cure depression

Just like any other high school student: I dislike going to high school, wasting my time studying, and getting little to none sleep. But when I meet my friends in my various classrooms I feel joy and warmth deep down. As long as I’m still alive I will spend a large amount of my time in making friends, just like a blacksmith to an iron I will weld my friends together into a bond that would affect every one. I would never leave my friends for others, nor would I ditch them if we were late, and I would never snitch on any one because I would never like the experience of loneliness and depression that would pursue.

Being alone is the worst feeling in the world for me to feel, and sometimes I would go into my room and sulk because I have no one to share my problems with. It would feel like my heart is about to implode or my lungs would collapse and in result I would sulk even more because I can’t stop crying. I have always regretted my actions in the past, but to me the past is the past and nothing can change that. I would even wish, sometimes, I could teleport to my friend’s house and get away from all of the problems and complications that shroud my life, a man can wish right? I just hate being alone.

When ever I’m bored I would call up my friend Oguz and talk to him about the exciting and miserable days I had during the week, or I would talk to Matt and Jake when ever I need some one to relate to, and I would join a humorous discussion amongst my friends like Ashley, Meagan, Erika, Amber, Justin, and Steven just to cheer my self up. No matter who I talk to I feel strong and smart and with a push from their motivation I would study and relax, and not kill my self. Good friends could even cure the most sever depression, it sure beats drugs. I believe that friends make this material world a much better place to live.