This I Believe

Becca - Seattle, Washington
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life is Great When You Laugh

My dad’s booming chuckles, my mom’s high pitched shrieks, my brother’s girlish giggles, and my sister’s hiccupy chortles have encircled me for my entire life. Growing up in a house where laughter is a part of every day routine has influenced me greatly to be more a cheerful and optimistic person. Surrounded by my family with their loving, distinctive laughter has led me to believe that life is great when you laugh and have people to share it with.

In times of sadness or loneliness sharing jokes or telling a goofy story with someone can make your worries float away like a cloud. To me being able to laugh also means not being locked up inside. Allowing yourself to take the time to have a really satisfying- roll on the floor- tear drop- fit of delightfulness can make your life one hundred times greater.

I recall one evening a few years ago when my brother and I were wrestling in such a way that he dominated the whole time. Then all at once he flipped me upside down over his shoulders, so my head was dangling right in front of his bottom. All of the blood instantly began to rush to my head, so it was as red as a Christmas sweater. Shrieks of joy, with a touch of annoyance, leaped out of my mouth. Suddenly he started twirling me around, like an amusement park ride. In the background I could faintly hear my sister egging me on to pull down his shorts, so I grabbed his khaki shorts and tugged them down, but on accident his plaid boxers came down too. A pale bare butt appeared right in front of my upside down face. With the strength and speed of a swan he gently put me down and guffaws of silliness and embarrassment escaped our mouths. Tears streamed down my face, and I had to clutch my stomach because it hurt so much. That was a memory I know I will keep stored in my brain for my whole life.

When I am alone in my dorm room at college, stressed with my work load I will look back at all of the merriment I shared with my family and friends and a smile will creep its way onto my serious face. Before I know it, visions of bare butts, clumsy acts, and stupid jokes will dance around my mind.

As I grow older I will experience yet even more giddiness and have more people to share it with. My belief will hold stronger still that as long you take the time each day to laugh and share that cheerfulness with others, your life will lead a more meaningful and optimistic path.