This I Believe

Omed - seattle, Washington
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, setbacks

I Believe in the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you’ve lost all of your hope? This has never happened to me because no matter how tough my life gets, no matter how hurt I feel, no matter how confused I get, I always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope to me is the sense that you have in your heart that makes you believe everything is fine through the hardest times in your life. When someone is going thru a hard time in their life they mostly see darkness all around them. People with hope see a light that guides them thru their hard times.

Many people during Hurricane Katrina had lost all of their hope. The people in Hurricane Katrina thought that they would not make it. Most people had no light around them to guide them from such a dreadful time. Even though disaster struck some people still had hope that the government might be able to help them. After a few days people started losing that hope because no one was coming to help them and people were dieing all around them. The people that still had hope in their hearts safely made it through.

Another example of a time when many people lost hope was during the World War 2. Many Jewish people had lost hope because they felt powerless and their population was deteriorating. Hope was unobtainable for most of the Jewish. The people that did have hope believed that some how this madness would end soon. Having hope helped people through the horrible event.

Hope is a great thing to have. I believe that all people should have hope. You should never lose hope for yourself or someone else no matter how difficult things get.

This can help you through the toughest times in your life. It has also helped and saved many people from injuries and even death. When you are going thru hard times you should always look around for a light in your life to guide you thru it. I believe that if you have hope anything is possible.