This I Believe

Brandon - Boulder, Colorado
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Lost Freedoms

I believe that what makes us humans, human, is our ability to make choices. Without the ability to makes our own choices, what would make us different from anyone else? Throughout the world there are countries where the government makes all the choices for its people. This just creates a mindless group of citizens in which these governments can do whatever they want to do. I believe that the freedom of choice is what makes us humans, and what makes us different from everyone else.

What would the human race be if no one ever strayed from the beaten path? Every once in a while a person must take a drastic step away from what is commonly accepted. In most cases these select few are prosecuted heavily for their on common actions. An example of someone like this would be Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin is the creator of the theory of evolution. During his time this kind of thinking was considered highly unorthodox, and even to the point of devil worship. After vigorous prosecution he finally emerged with the theory of evolution. His drastically different choices in what to believe, are the bases for our current science of biology. Many other influential people in our history have decided to take these vigorous steps away from common belief, and have contributed to the human race’s large steps forward in technology. Without these brave select few, humans would still be living in caves.

If humans did not make there own separate choices, there would be no distinction from each other. The human race would be in effect, a group of the same person, no one would act or talk differently. Our choices in life are what makes us unique, and separates us from the common house fly. I believe that freedom of choice should never be repressed or removed. If it was, then the growth of the human race will come to a grinding stop. With no choice, there can never be any difference from what is currently happening, and that would lead to no difference in the future. If humans could not make choices, then we would be no different then a lab rat. Those rats do not get to choose where they live, or what they eat. These lack of choice change the mental state of the rats, which would be the same thing that would happen to humans if they had no say in their life. Choice makes us different from each other, and other mammals in our world.

Freedom of choice is the driving force behind new human discoveries, and human differences. I believe that this is a very important part of human life. The strive for a bigger and better future is fueled by human choice, which is a requirement for this to happen. Would you rather be human, or a lab rat? Although some choice may turn out to hurt some humans, without trying, nothing can ever be achieved in life.