This I Believe

Aalok - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in reason, communication, and peace; without the three of these principles together, the world can’t evolve.

At the age of eighteen, I know I’m rather young and still have plenty to learn but I feel that my way of life up to this point can justify my reasoning on this belief: I’ve never gotten into a fight… Not once. It’s not that I haven’t had my share of arguments or disputes (those are normal and without them the world would be rigid and stale like the confined society portrayed by Orwell in 1984), but I’ve dissected disagreement sensibly and realized that punches, bloody noses, or even gunshots are never necessary to prove a point. Thinking and living in a logical manner seems although it’d be instinctive or second nature to us, but many times humans overlook the importance of judgment. Like my dad says about car accidents, “85% of the time it’s the other person’s fault,” and that’s the way we humans like to look at things. What we must learn to live with is our own faults and mistakes. We are not always right, and understanding others’ points-of-view falls under that category.

Secondly, communicating with each other is equally vital to progression and peace. Communication breeds a level of comfort and congeniality that would lessen barriers set by differences. After analyzing anything with intelligence, decisions shouldn’t be as difficult or conflicting. Talking out a dispute usually finds fault within reasoning, which in the end, will make compromising easier. I can’t imagine how many times I’ve encountered fellow classmates bothered by gossip or rude remarks who retort the comments with their own slander instead of taking some time to think about the problem and solving it. Whenever I’ve stumbled upon something displeasing, I envision what the other person’s beliefs and motives are. If that doesn’t fix the dilemma, discussing it between the individual in a rational manner certainly ends the predicament.

This ultimately paves the path to peace. And even though an action-packed thriller with lots of violence is entertaining at the theatre, in real life, peace is what we want. Resolving tension around the world should be a goal for the near future. Thinking, talking, and working together will make this goal attainable, because in the end, we are like different ingredients working to create a large, intricate dish – if we cooperate and work collectively, everything can turn out picture perfect, but if we bicker and bash, the dish will come out irrevocably disgusting.