This I Believe

Uvaldo - Pflugerville, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that playing guitar is therapeutic.

Nothing mellows me out more after a hard days work than a nice long jam session on my faithful guitar. Playing my favorite song or just playing whatever sounds right makes me forget all the days troubles. I go to another place when I play guitar. I go to a place where it is just me and my Gibson. A place where deadlines, stress and the general bad things in life do not exist. I have yet to see a person who plays guitar wound up tighter than a clock. Most of the guitarists that I know share the same mantra: just go with whatever life deals you and express what you feel through music. Blues is the epitome of this mantra. From the old greats like B.B King and Muddy Waters to the contemporary legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Kenny Wayne Sheppard, blues has been the expression of anything and everything. Whatever it may be, those who play guitar generally deal with things better. To guitarists a guitar is more than an instrument, it is a friend. When someone dies, they play guitar. When a loved one leaves, they play guitar. Life may have its difficulties. Friends and loved ones may betray or leave you, but music is constant. Whether you play Deep South, angst-ridden blues or hard, pounding metal, playing guitar makes you feel better. Guitar is the vent of all frustration anger and depression.

I don’t know how I would deal with things without guitar. I have avoided many stupid mistakes thanks to my guitar. I believe in my guitar.