This I Believe

Amber - Pflugerville, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I Believe…

I believe the children of the future will have no fear of their parents. The children of today have no fear of their parents now; we see them all the time, screaming for a toy at Wal-Mart, or crying because their parents didn’t get them the right ice cream flavor, or having a tantrum because someone was trying to get them to share. Then when you see a parent actually trying to discipline their child someone else has to come up and chew them out, because ‘hitting children is wrong’ and ‘you should put them in time-out when you get home’. The children have it too easy now. Cell phones at the age of seven, time-out; and of course no spankings.

Now they say you are not supposed to hit your kid when you are angry. What’s scarier to a child, a parent beating them when they’re angry, or a parent giggling when they’re beating their children? Call me crazy, but I am thinking what creates the crazies is having the parents giggling when they are beating their children.

Shouldn’t the children of today have the same childhoods we did? I believe that if we can fix the children of today we can save the ones of the future. I don’t mean the teenagers; it’s too late for them, but the two to ten year olds. Maybe we can even fix the eleven and twelve year olds; that is only if they have not gotten too independent.

Fear makes us decent.

Now I do not mean that children literally live in fear of their parents, but they should be afraid that if they do something bad, like color on the walls, or shave the dog, they should be afraid that of the spanking that is coming. Kids today are not afraid of going to ‘the corner’. They sit in that corner and feel bored, and most likely think of more bad things they can do. I believe that we should keep ‘the corner’ punishment, but only after the spanking. ‘The corner’ or ‘time-out’ was affective only after the spanking. That is when the kids really thought about what they had done and may even possibly try to apologize for it. If, for nothing else, to ensure that their ass will never hurt that much again. I believe that if we do not save the children of today, the children of the future will have no fear of their parents.