This I Believe

Diana - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Whether it is raining and thundering, or I’m watching a scary movie, my pillows, blankets, and bears are there for me. Whether it has been a long day and I’m crying, or I am sitting reading a book, my pillows, blankets, and bears are there for me. I believe in pillows, blankets, and bears.

Really, I believe in the power of comfort objects, for me these are my bed decorations. The pillows, and stuffed animals I can jump into and feel cozy, and the blankets I can cover my face with to hide from the bogeyman, and the thing in my closet. Since I can remember I have always had a stuffed animal on my bed, my companion for the nights and afternoons I want to lie not quite alone. My companions have changed through the years from the dog my grandmother gave me, to a panda with a bow from a boyfriend, but what doesn’t change is the comfort I get from holding my stuffed friends. These comfort objects are better than comfort foods; they grow with me and listen through their small cotton ears. My pillows lose fluff from my hugging when I am frightened by movies or storms. Most importantly, they are the keepers of my secrets, nightmares, and dreams. The pillows I hug, the blankets I hide under, and the bears I whisper my nightmares to.

The comfort I find in these seemingly childish, girly decorations is a comfort I believe everyone, whether child or adult, should experience. Guys should have stuffed dinosaurs, and every girl should have a bear, pillows should be abundant, and blankets always warm, this I believe.